About Me

Once upon a time, David encouraged me to visit Italy with him for 6 weeks. I was hesitant but decided to take a leap. After adjusting from my culture shock, I was hooked. We spent the summer learning from amazing people about a beautiful culture that was so different than anything else I've experienced. Ever since then, I've wanted to travel more and learn about different cultures and people from around the world. So in September 2018 we packed up our pup and 6 suitcases to live abroad in Southern Italy. What a wild and memorable experience the expat life is!

Here I will share all about our trips across the globe, life in Italy, and suggestions for those "must see" experiences. I hope this helps you explore more of the world and I'm so excited for you to join us on our #Hoggventures. Because I love writing about travel, I've also written for We Are Travel Girls and you can find my post about the Amalfi Coast here

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