Orlando, the city beautiful! Growing up, when I thought of Orlando, I immediately (and only) thought of Disney World. Orlando has so much more to offer other than theme parks. Believe it or not, Orlando is full of culture and truly is turning into a foodie destination! Below are just a few of my favorite go-to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. So often when I visit a new location I have no idea where to eat, so here is a list all about my favorite thing - food, obviously!

I've also written a blog post about my favorite Instagram locations that you can check out here 



Lineage - When you have coffee here, you've basically died and gone to coffee heaven. They now have 2 locations and both are equally as cool to visit so why not just go to both? Your taste buds and productivity will thank you. (Pictured: Iced Honey Latte at East End Market location)


Downtown Credo - This is such a cool place. With locations all around Orlando, they allow you to choose your own price. They will provide you with guidance if needed but if you can't afford an expensive cup of coffee, don't sweat it! They have hearts of gold and amazing as the coffee they make. 

Foxtail - I've only been a handful of times but the vibe is trendy but not pretentious. With great coffee and cool aesthetic, they've been growing around the city. 



Se7en Bites - Son of a biscuit this place is delicious! Their biscuits are my favorite go-to since I can be a picky eater but everything just looks amazing. Cool vibe, delicious food and definitely a city favorite for everyone who lives there (Location pictured). 

Briarpatch Restaurant - I love pretty much everything about Winter Park and Briarpatch is no exception. Nutella waffles (are you kidding me??), amazing savory options and of course mimosas and bellinis. While this certainly isn't the most cost effective breakfast, it's always worth the splurge. If you decide to dine here on a weekend, arrive early - The line can get long quick! 

Orlando Meats - This location is on the newer side and isn't just a butcher shop, but also a great place to get a delicious with some (surprise) delicious meats. Bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, you name it! They even have coffee and donuts too so you clearly can't go wrong. 



Black Bean Deli - There are 2 locations of this delicious Cuban food. Craving some yuca fries or tostones? This location is the perfect location to satisfy your cravings. I prefer their Mills location as it's larger and therefore has more seating, but the food is where it's at so you can't go wrong at either location. 

Pig Floyd's - Holy YUM! You can find this delicious food in Lake Nona or Mills 50. It's always a favorite of ours and we always recommend it to visiting friends. (Pictured: La Vaca Tahkaw Tacos aka my favorite)

Lazy Moon - Want a slice of pizza as big as your face? Well, you've come to the right place. While in college, Lazy Moon was just a small hole in the wall place that was always packed. They now have two larger locations near UCF and Mills 50 (see a trend here?) where you can not only find those large slices but also buy an entire pizza that you might struggle to fit in the trunk of your car. The cool vibe and delicious pizza create the perfect environment for hanging with some friends. 



4 Rivers Smokehouse - Ever since this restaurant opened, it has put all (and I truly do mean all) other barbecue locations to shame and I'll never want to eat anywhere else. Everything they make is excellent and what started as one small location has turned into several larger locations now spreading throughout the state of Florida. 

Prato - Italian inspired restaurant in Winter Park that sources many of its ingredients from local farmers. The menu is constantly changing based on the season so you always have the opportunity to try something new. We love taking a walk after eating here because we also love the location. 

Hawkers - I could eat here everyday and be happy. Their Roti small dish is a MUST and my favorite main dish is their Pad Thai. Things come out as they are ready so be prepared for a steady presentation of dishes. 


Imperial - This vintage furniture store by day turns into a bar at night. Serving only wine and beer, this location allows you to sit on furniture you'd never buy or be able to afford. So obviously it's a must! The furniture is constantly changing as items are sold and acquired.  

Mathers Social Gathering - While I don't love most downtown locations, this one is an exception. The vibe is amazing and their drinks are so creative. I literally had a drink served in a mini bathtub. Definitely a fun bar to check out. 

Matador - This location has great cocktails, games and overall relaxed feel which is perfect for a drink with friends. We often find ourselves here with a group of people and can hangout all evening. 

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