Do You Get Marshmallow Ankles When Flying?

On long flights my ankles swell like crazy! I mean it looks like my ankles are playing a game of chubby bunny with marshmallows. So here are a few tricks to stop the swelling or at least keep them a little less fluffy!

1. Move around - This may sound a bit ridiculous, but I'll use a trip to the bathroom as time to get the blood flowing back through my legs. I will do squats, calf raises, high knees - whatever I can to keep the blood flowing!

2. Don't cross your legs - I know, I know - it's tough enough being on an airplane where you have no room to even sit comfortably much less sleep comfortably. Crossing your legs every so often is not going to hurt anything, but try to shift how you sit if you've been crossing your legs for too long.

3. Stay hydrated - Not only is this great for your body in general, you might have to take a few more trips to the bathroom which will in turn help keep the blood flowing.

4. Wear comfortable shoes - I once made the mistake of wearing some really cute sandals that after a few hours were so tight around my swollen feet I was forced to take them off completely. I now wear moccasins that I can easily remove during the flight and will roll my ankles around or scrunch up my toes for a few minutes every now and again.

5. Give yourself a foot massage - Ok you don't have to ask me twice! Not only will this elevate your feet a bit but you'll stimulate blood flow.

Happy Traveling!

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