What's In My Travel Backpack

1. Portable Charger - Because duh, I don't want to sit on the floor smashed between 5 other people when I can take lounge comfortably. Many airlines are starting to incorporate chargers on the plane which is amazing but I'd rather come prepared.

2. Snacks - I'm always hungry and sometimes picky so I always bring snacks. Gum counts as a snack too - no more popped ears!

3. A change of clothes - You never know if you'll have to suddenly stay overnight without your luggage or if your luggage will got lost. I hate staying in the clothes I've travelled all day in so I bring a fresh set of clothes just in case the unexpected happens.

4. Dramamine - I always take this an hour before takeoff because my stomach is not a friend of turbulence, takeoff or landing. Fun story: one time I threw up in a pillow case sitting next to a stranger on my way back to the US from Scotland. TMI? Eh, maybe.

5. Passports - I actually keep mine in a plastic bag and keep a copy of our passports either in my purse or in a different section of my backpack.

6. Chapstick, Lotion and Dry Shampoo - My skin turns into the Sahara Desert so I bring my favorite Chapstick and lotion with me to keep my skin hydrated during the flight. My hair on the other hand gathers more moister than it could ever need so I live on my travel sized dry shampoo.

7. Toothbrush and Floss - I hate the taste of morning breath and when I reach the 6 hour mark of trying to sleep mixed with eating plane food...let me just say, it ain't pretty. So when I run to the bathroom to try and get circulation back through the lower half of my body, I will brush and floss my teeth. I come out feeling like a new woman! (Also, see number 4)

8. iPad/Tablet - I can rarely fall asleep unless I get lucky and score and empty seat beside me (which is pretty much never) so I can stretch out. So I need lots of things to pass the time - movies, games, photo editing software (Holla, VSCO), music galore...you get the idea. Sometimes I will even download all my snapchats right before takeoff so I can watch them when I get desperately board.

Here are links to some of the products I always keep in my backpack:

Drybar Dry Shampoo




Apple Mini iPad

Orbit Gum

Vaschy Backpack

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