St. Augustine, FL

Living in Central Florida gives you easy access to so many beautiful cities and unique places to visit - it makes up for the year long summer heat! St. Augustine is only about an hour and a half from the Orlando area and is full of beauty and charm. There is a Bed and Breakfast around almost every corner, and each owner is incredibly passionate about their location which makes each stay unique and personal.

During our recent stay, our inn owner provided us with a map and circled popular locations to show us the spots we wanted to see as well! I love staying at a bed and breakfast for this very reason.

Here are a few of the locations we love to visit while in this historic city.

Flager College

The college used to be the Ponce de Leon Hotel and is absolutely stunning both inside and out. They host student-led tours twice a day, currently at 10:00am and 2:00pm. Admission is $10 for adults. The tour is primarily indoors which is great during inclement weather!

Lightner Museum

Right across the street from Flager College is the Lightner Museum. Three stories tall, this museum houses stunning collections and used to be the largest indoor pool which is now a cafe.

Castillo de San Marcos

National Monuments are just so cool to visit and this one is no different! Walking around this fort, you'll see people dressed in traditional attire which truly brings the location to life. Every morning around 10:30am they will do a cannon demonstration. They don't use an actual cannonball because #safety, but the noise it creates is just as loud and effective. If you can't actually make it inside the fort, the walk around the outside is gorgeous along the water and clearly a favorite place to hangout in the evening. Either way, check this place out!

Vacations are never complete without some mouth-watering food! Check out these locations next time you find yourself in St. Augustine.

St. Augustine Distillery

The distillery has "tours" every day which is primarily self led and very short, but there are tastings at the end so I'm not complaining! Their Florida Mule is by far my favorite, and I know you'll love it too!

Ice Bar

Ice Bar is in the same building as the distillery - how convenient, right? Dinner starts at 5:00pm; however, you can arrive early for some appetizers (the pretzels are to die for!) and craft cocktails before putting in your dinner order. The restaurant is fairly small and doesn't take reservations, so definitely arrive early if you can!


Let's be real - Florida is HOT! I always love to treat myself to a popsicle when walking down St. George street. It's fruity, cold and delicious. What's not to love?


I love a good morning coffee. This tiny location packs in the flavor and will provide a tasty treat for walking along the waterfront.

Happy traveling!

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