Is Global Entry Worth It?

Global Entry costs $100 and is valid for 5 years. So for about $20 a year, you can breeze through global entry points, straight to baggage claim and use your Known Traveler Number for TSA. Since the MCO airport always a hot mess (let's be honest), this has been a huge advantage for us.

We currently use the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and while it has a higher annual fee, we receive $100 towards our Global Entry (among many other perks aka airport lounge access) so we only had to pay for one of us!

It starts with an online application which took us about 30 minutes to complete and asked for things like what countries you've recently visited as well as your home address for the past 5 years, any other names you've gone by, etc. It took us about 3 weeks to receive our conditional approval before we could schedule our interview. Interviews can be a bit tough to come by and the first open time slot was 5 weeks after we were approved but better late than never! There are some airports that allow walk-ins but many are appointment only, including the Orlando International Airport (MCO).

When you finally arrive for your interview, you'll need your passport, a print of of your conditional approval and proof of residency. I still haven't updated my mailing address on my driver's license (whoops) so I had to bring in a utility bill to show my current address. I waited about 5 minutes before being brought back for my interview which lasted less than 10 minutes. The officer asked how I heard about the program, where I currently worked, validated my current address, took my pictures and boom - I was approved. The officer then showed me how to use the machine and by the time I was home, I received the email that my status had been updated. It was extremely quick and painless.

Using our Global Entry has been a breeze, and 100% worth the cost. Coming back from our most recent trip from Italy and Scotland, we were able to skip the massive line in the Orlando International Airport, and before the rest of the passengers that were on our plane were even half-way through, we had picked up our luggage and were on our way home.

I would highly recommend getting Global Entry, it's the ultimate "fast pass" for travel. (Sorry, I couldn't pass up a fun Disney reference, I mean I DO live in Orlando!)

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