3 Day Trips From Salerno

Southern Italy is full of so much charm, delicious food and overall just rich in culture. Because I live in Salerno, I've been able to explore all around the region and there are some seriously beautiful gems in the area near Salerno. If you decide to stay in or near Salerno, here are a few fun places to visit that are each only 45 minutes away or less! Also, while you're here, I've made a list of all of my favorite restaurants in Salerno and trust me, your tastebuds will be doing a nonstop happy dance!


Paestum is a 30 minute train ride from Salerno, and train tickets are only about €3 per person (steal!). Just a short walk away from the train station is the archaeological park and museum which is currently €9.50 per person to enter. The views are absolutely gorgeous here and you can easily spend a few hours walking around and soaking in the sights. Summer is peak season in Italy so it's always going to be busy, but it's still large enough to be enjoyable. Fall and winter are pretty quiet so when we visited in late December, we had moments when we were completely alone!


Naples is a short train ride away from Salerno with tickets as inexpensive as €5 per person. The train ride is about 40 minutes long if you take a direct train, but the regional train that makes frequent stops along the way can take about an hour and a half so pay attention to the duration of the trip when selecting your tickets. The Castel del'Ovo is free and has a beautiful view of Mt. Vesuvius. If you're looking for a fantastic cup of coffee to start your day in Naples, then you have to visit Caffè Gambrinus.

Since you're in the birth place of pizza, I'd recommend that you go to Sorbillo Pizzeria. There is always a line so get there early to put your name on the list. This location is delicious and won't break the bank either. There is so much to see and do in Naples like Galleria Umberto, Palazzo Reale di Napoli, Monasterio di Santa Chiara, and lots more. It makes for the perfect day trip from Salerno.


After a nice 30 minute ferry ride (during the summer season) you can find yourself in Amalfi. It's so incredibly gorgeous, relaxing and I always recommend the Amalfi Coast when friends visit. You can also take a longer ferry ride to Positano, Capri, etc. which are equally as incredible or take a short 10 minute walk to Atrani. Now, just because you're in Amalfi doesn't mean that your only option is to lounge on a beach, though, in the summer, it's the perfect place to be. You can also hike Valle Delle Ferriere and find yourself in Italy's version of Pandora with small waterfalls, greenery everywhere and ice cold water.

You can also take a bus up to Ravello and explore a gorgeous garden, or do a bit of shopping #naturally. Don't forget to buy some limoncello as the Amalfi Coast is known for their incredible lemons. Read about how to visit the Amalfi Coast on a budget!

Staying in Salerno gives you so many gorgeous options while not breaking the bank. So if you're able to make it down to southern Italy, consider staying in Salerno and exploring all the gorgeous cities nearby while enjoying some authentic Italian food and culture in the city. Before you pop on down for a visit, make sure to read these 10 things you should know before visiting Italy.

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