How to Visit the Amalfi Coast on a Budget

Gorgeous beaches + summer sunsets with an aperol spritz + all the sunny days you can dream of = The Amalfi Coast. Butttt visiting the Amalfi Coast can often times break the bank. Looking at hotel prices on top of the flights can make anyone cringe, and that's before adding in the cost of food, transportation, and activities. But don't worry, you can still live your #hotgirlsummer life while ballin' on a budget.

If you you're looking to splurge or just have a treat yo self day, I'd recommend a night in either Positano or Capri (my personal favs). In Positano, I recommend staying at Hotel Poseidon, and in Capri I recommend Excelsior Parco Boutique Hotel. If visiting Capri, you just HAVE to visit Ristorante Paolina Capri with a gorgeous lemon canopy. It's expensive, but dang is it pretty! You can read more about the bougie life here.

Ok back to that budget life! Here are a few ways we've visited the Amalfi Coast on a budget...

How to Arrive on a Budget:

If you're flying into the Naples International Airport, we recommend taking the Alibus which is currently €5 per person (cash only). You can take the Alibus to the main train station (Napoli Centrale) which is the first stop or to the port for the ferries (Porta di Massa) which is the second stop. This route is much cheaper than taking a taxi, but it's also slower so if you're in a rush this probably won't be your best bet.

Where to Stay on a Budget:

While the Amalfi Coast is always a beautiful place to visit, you are often going to have to pay tourist prices if staying in one of the towns along the Amalfi Coast. So to avoid this, I recommend staying in Salerno! It's only a short ferry ride away, the food is delicious, it's rich in culture and a wayyyy (and I do mean WAY) less expensive. Though it's always fun to stay at least one night somewhere along the Amalfi Coast. You can look at some smaller towns like Atrani, Minori or Maiori as well.

Recommended Hotels in Salerno:

Hotel Montestella

Grand Hotel

Hotel Plaza

Of course there are also AriBnb options however these tend to book up quickly so if you go this route make sure to book well in advance.

If (and when) you decide to stay in Salerno and need some ideas on where to eat, check out my Ultimate Guide to Eating in Salerno!

When to Visit the Amalfi Coast:

So it's no surprise that peak season is the most expensive time, so avoiding the months of July and August will already provide you with slightly cheaper rates. Visiting Italy in July and August is honesty brutal. Unless sweating happens to be a hobby of yours, avoid coming during those months.

After talking with the locals of the Amalfi Coast, they recommend visiting in May or September which brings not only cheaper rates and less crowds, but overall better weather! However my personal favorite times are right at the start of the season in mid-April or at the end of the season in mid-late October since it's far quieter and luxury hotels suddenly drop in price. The weather might be a bit too cool for the beach but it's a great tradeoff for a quieter and therefore more relaxed atmosphere.

Amalfi Coast Activities on a Budget:

1. Go on a hike - it's 100% free! Check out Valle Delle Ferriere in Amalfi for beautiful waterfalls and cool waters, perfect for a hot summer day.

2. Rent an umbrella in Atrani with 2 chairs for roughly €20 all day. More on that below.

3. Take a tour of lemon groves for €25 per person with the Amalfi Lemon Experience

4. In Anacapri visit the chair lift, Monte Solaro, that brings you up to gardens with some gorgeous views!

5. Take a bus up to Ravello from Amalfi and visit Villa Cimbrone Gardens and/or Villa Rufolo Gardens. As of the date of this post, they each have a €7 entrance fee.

We like to pack your own lunch so you have plenty of money for extra gelato, an aperol spritz or lemon slushies (aka "granita").

Keep in mind: You will most likely need to pay to use the public bathroom. It's always fairly cheap (usually €1 per person), but make sure you have some coins handy or if you decide to eat inside a restaurant you'll be able to use their bathroom. By the way, here are 10 things you should know about Italy before your visit.

Out of all the beaches I have visited on the Amalfi Coast (Vietri sul Mare, Minori, Maiori, Amalfi, Atrani, Positano & Capri), I personally think the best bang for your buck is Atrani. Atrani is a smaller town just a short 10 minute walk from Amalfi. So if you were to take the ferry to Amalfi, you are just a few minutes away from cheaper umbrellas and food so it's worth the walk! Right when you get off the ferry in Amalfi, the closest beach charges about €40 for 2 chairs and an umbrella, walk just a smidge further and the price goes down to about €32.

If you walk to Atrani, suddenly the price is €20! You're able to lounge, enjoy the beach, order a spritz and can bring your own food as many of the locals often do. Though in Atrani you can get a pizza margarita for about €5 which is a very normal price and not the typical touristy price you run into in other locations. All that to say, consider Atrani, you won't regret it.

As a reminder: The ferries are seasonal, and only run during the season which is typically April to mid-October. They will also cancel the ferries if the weather is poor, but you can always take a bus or taxi instead. If you're in Capri, they will usually continue the ferry to Naples as this is the largest ferry boat in operation. You can then hop on a taxi to the train station (Napoli Centrale) to get back to Salerno.

I wrote even more about visiting the Amalfi Coast with We Are Travel Girls and you can find the blog post here for your reading pleasure. I hope you have the best time visiting the Amalfi Coast!

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