The Ultimate Guide to Salerno, Italy

As I update this post, Salerno has been my home for over a year now. Sometimes it's weird to say that out loud, or in this case, type it out. I love Salerno because you truly get the authentic Italian experience, for better or worse. The food is amazing, the people are kind, and the city is walkable so there's no need for a car, even when visiting. So if you're thinking of visiting Salerno, or the Amalfi Coast, I hope this guide helps you plan it out!

Places to Eat in Salerno, Italy:

Ok so I have a whole guide just on restaurants in Salerno that you can find here, but let me give you a few of the highlights.

Bar Gelateria Nettuno - The time has finally come for gelato and this gelateria will not disappoint. After you order, walk over to the sea wall (called the lungomare) and enjoy the views. Soak it all in because you're in Italy after all!

Mythos Ristorante Greco - Looking to shake things up? Check out this amazing Greek restaurant. You can get a pita euro to take away for as little as €4. The people here are incredibly kind and the food to delicious. I could easily eat here every week...and sometimes I do!

Ristorante Cicirinella - Looking to splurge a bit for a date night? Check this place out! They are famous for their scarpriello which I will always recommend but you will definitely need make a reservation ahead of time. Everyone wants to eat here!

Botte Pazza - Unlimited wine. Do you really need anything else? You'll need reservations here as well.

Things To Do in Salerno, Italy:

Arechi Castle

This is a beautiful castle and museum by day, and you can see it illuminated at night while in the city. This location comes with gorgeous views, and they will often host fun events so keep your eye out!

Walk on the Lungomare

If you follow me on Instagram you see that I'm always posting this view. I can never get enough!

Vietre Sul Mare

This stunning pottery town is a 5-minute bus ride away from the city. As you wander in and out of these quaint shops, you'll see artists painting their pottery in a room filled with handmade bowls, plates, pitchers, vases, wine corks, etc. It's a must see while you're in the area, not only for its pottery but for the stunning views as well!

Giardino della Minerva

With only a €3 per person entrance fee, this botanical garden is beautiful and includes some great views of the city! You can utilize the public elevator in piazza Matteo D'Ajello which will stop only a few feet away from the garden's entrance.

Walk the Corso

Imagine a street lined with shops and restaurants, full of the hustle and bustle of life. This street comes to life at night, and during the Christmas season you'll see twinkling lights all around. It's a gorgeous sight to see no matter what time of year you choose to visit.

Parco Paestum

Hop on a train to see these gorgeous ancient Greek ruins. You can read more about this location on my blog post here.

Salerno makes for a great "hub" if you will when also visiting nearby cities like Naples, or along the Amalfi Coast. It's significantly cheaper than anything you will find in the cities along the famous coastline, it's very safe, and I feel as if you can have an authentic Italian culture as there are fewer tourists that visit Salerno. There is a cruise port in the city but it's not heavily felt as most people hop on a ferry to the Amalfi Coast or a bus to Naples. All in all, I always recommend staying here to see all the neighboring beauty without breaking the bank.

Before you arrive, make sure to read these 10 things you should know before visiting Italy!

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