Ultimate Guide to Eating in Salerno

I'm convinced the food is really where we get the phrase: la dolce vita! Honestly the food is the only thing keeping us here...kinda kidding, but kinda not. I know that sometimes the hardest thing to find when visiting a new city is a restaurant that's A. not a tourist trap, and B. actually has good food. While the restaurants in Salerno are often closing and being replaced with new ones, here is a list of restaurants that we love and seem to have made it! Fingers crossed.

Remember: Breakfast usually consists of coffee and a croissant (cornetto) so you will always pay in cash. Make sure to have those coins or €10 or less bills ready to rumble! Don't try to pay for your breakfast with a €50.

Cheap and Quick:

Vittorio il Salumando - Fresh meats and cheeses cut before your eyes to make sandwiches around €4 each.


Nonna Maria - Amazing Roman style pasta (my personal favorite is Cacio e Pepe as pictured below). Also, their house wine is delicious! Oh and don't forget to top off your dinner with their limoncello. You won't regret it.

La Botte Pozza - All. you. can. drink. wine. Do you need any more info? I think not. (P.S. You'll probz need a reservation)


Pizzeria Pignalosa - Swankier location and delicious. The ultimate winning combination.

Pizzeria Smorfia - Always delicious and even has some AC! This location is always a winner.

In Rada - Amazing pizza and excellent pasta as well! We go here when we want the best of both worlds!

Hydra - Cool vibe with excellent food and service. Their menu also changes with the season which we love.

More Expensive (But Oh So Worth It):

Cicirinella - They are literally famous for their scarpriello (pictured below). You will not regret going here!

13 - Totes delicious! If you're around during the week, the often have "working lunch" specials with a much cheaper menu. This is my fav time to go!

Non-Italian Options:

Mythos - €5 Greek gyros that you can eat on the go or sit on the Lungomare and enjoy.

Indian Restaurant - Italians generally don't like spicy food so while there doesn't pack much heat, the food is amazing.

Arepa's Town - This Venezuelan gem of a restaurant has amazing arepas, tostones and burritos.

King's Cross Irish Pub - So it doesn't actually serve Irish food, but you'll find some American options that are pretty tasty!

Bars (Beverages of All Kinds):

Caldarelli - This is my favorite place for my morning coffee and cornetto. Incredible coffee and incredibly nice people. This location is currently cash only!

Bar Rosa - With 2 locations you know it's good! Great coffee and cornetti and tasty alcoholic drinks too.

Embarcadero - Rooftop bar with delicious drinks & gorgeous views (pictured below). Typically only open in the spring/summer and early fall.

Black Monday - Super cool speakeasy with a constantly changing menu. This location usually opens at 9pm and is cash only!

For Gelato, there is only one place I can truly recommend as it's the city's favorite: Bar Nettuno. So there you have it! That's the inside scoop for all the best places to eat in Salerno, Italy so feel free to whip out this guide while in the city to find some delicious spots. Also, if you're visiting on a Saturday you'll definitely need a reservation because the city is usually poppin'!

If you are looking for things to do nearby, here's a list of 3 day trips you can take from Salerno.

I hope you enjoy the city as much as we do!

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